Test Once Get Remerkable Succes

  • Touch to add MAX 3 new challenge - Part Avalanche

  • 5 spaces for your new habits/skills - Work Smart - Part Smart.
    You will see it once a day - when app is opened

  • The items may be deleted by dragging into the trash bin.

  • Plan your tasks - touch Today / Tommorow or Next week and enter your items.

  • Entered items moved between tabs as long as there is enough space in the target tab.

  • You move the task by dragging it to the side, the target tabs appear automatically.

Automatic transfer – at midnight (except the new week)

midnight transfer

Automatic transfer from Sunday to Monday (new week)

midnight transfer

Automatic transfer Automatic addition of unfinished items in the order 1 - 2 - 3

You tick off completed tasks with one tap. Possibly, you may untick them by tapping again. Ticked-off items are automatically deleted at midnight.